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Online shopping


If you think to open a virtual store on the Internet just – you're not wrong. Itself Internet Commerce in the form of the first attempts of e-Commerce has been around since 1992. This concept is quite broad, encompassing a range of tasks, from the creation of competitive ideas and ending with the technical implementation of the project. Many companies place on their Web-sites on the Internet important information for the consumer (description of goods and services, their price, address, company, phone and e-mail, which you can order, etc.). Successful Internet Commerce involves equal attention to all affecting the popularity of the resource factors, but even then you cannot guarantee the success of a business project. After the introduction of the Customs Union of new rules for international mail, according to which during a one calendar month, without payment of fees can be obtained from abroad goods worth up to 1000 euros, began to gain momentum so-called online shopping in foreign online stores. Shopping tours vary in the range of expected travel: the near and far abroad. Its birth was the first of the systems and methods of electronic Commerce are obliged to the advent of the technology of sales automation and implementation of automated control systems corporate resources[1]. The art of expression in graphic and text form the main idea of the firm and its orientation, attitude to customers and many other things that immediately felt on arrival in a real shop and has to be felt by the buyer virtual when you visit the site. Accordingly, there is a demand for electronic goods, and contributed to the active development of e-Commerce. At the time, and the first electronic edition, analogues of Newspapers and magazines, which were the first objects of e-Commerce. It is worth noting that the success in the world wide web largely depends on various external factors. The translation was carried out instantly, and this determines the basic convenience of work with them. In each case, the seller will choose the more convenient option individually, because, for example, if Internet Commerce is regional sales, there is no need to use WebMoney, in this case it will be enough regular transfers to a Bank account. In this case, the company trades directly with the client (not the legal and natural person). The principle of such cooperation is very simple: the company trades with other enterprise. As a rule, it is about the retail sale of goods. In this case, the company trades directly with the client (not the legal and natural person). The Internet platform gives the opportunity to significantly simplify operations at all stages, to make trading more effective and transparent. As a rule, it is about the retail sale of goods.

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